Executive Coaching

“For years, CEOs of some of the most successful and largest companies have relied on Executive Coaches. Henry McKinnell, CEO of Pfizer, Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, and David Pottruck, CEO of Charles Schwab & Co., are just a few who rely on a “trusted adviser.”
Did you know that between 25 and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use coaches? I was surprised this figure was so high – not because I don’t understand why successful companies would invest in coaching – but because it’s one of the best kept secrets around.
What is Coaching in the first place?
Coaching is a practice tailored to an individual and their unique skillset and circumstances. Executive coaching is a personalised training designed to enhance the leadership skills and executive functioning of motivated, achievement-oriented professionals looking to excel in their current or potential job roles.
So why coach your executives?
Executive coaching empowers your executives to become the best leaders. Clients often report that this self-reliance leads to more confidence in their leadership skills and decision-making abilities moving forward.
What coaching is NOT?
It is also important to understand that Coaching is not about Mentoring or Counselling.
Coaching services and counselling involve similar introspection and self-awareness. But coaching is about looking toward the future, setting goals, and growing beyond your current state.
Why to Hire a Coach?
What to look for in an Executive Coach?
Credentials and experience
Coaching in general is a largely unregulated industry. Anyone can claim they are experts. This is why you need to do your due diligence when evaluating potential coaches, you have in mind.
Ask about their education, training, and coaching certifications. ICF, Marshal Goldsmith is some of the reputed entities who provide coaching certification.
Also, it pays to check the experience of your potential coaches. Ask about their years in the industry and their previous clients.
Typical flow of a coaching engagement
About your coach
Anup Malavia is a Certified Coach and carries experience in coaching Mid and Senior level executives. He comes with 30 years of corporate experience where he has led Global Programs on Competency Management, Shared Service Centres, Change Management, Global Alliances for Education as well as responsible for Designing and implementing Org wide programs for Business Development, Product Management, Project Management etc…
Before taking Entrepreneurship, he has worked with most reputed firms like Aptech, TCS, Capgemini, Atos, Fiserv and Tata Technologies. He has held positions at Regional, National as well as Global Level. He has conducted in-person coaching sessions for Directors, VP and Presidents of mid size to large corporations